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Cyco B1 Boost

Cyco B1 BoostMaximise your plant's growth potential! Does your plant need first aid? Essential for a..


Cyco Bloom A & B

Cyco Bloom A & BCyco Bloom A and B gives support to a plants natural growth by supplying a range..


Cyco Coco Bitz

Cyco Coco BitzCyco Coco Bitz is a mixture of Coco Coir and Chunk Coir which provides superior aerati..


Cyco Coco Lite

Cyco Coco LiteCyco Coco Lite is a mixture of Coco Peat and Perlite. Our product combination is able ..


Cyco Dr Repair

Cyco Dr RepairCyco Dr. Repair treats chlorosis and environmental stresses. Chlorosis is a yellowing ..


Cyco Flower A & B

Cyco Flower A & BCyco Flower Part A cleverly initiates a faster response time to the flowering p..


Cyco Flower C

Cyco Flower CCyco comes in a 1Ltr bottle. Cyco is used on week 6 & 7 of the flower stage to make..


Cyco Grow A & B

Cyco Grow A & BCyco Grow A and B gives support to a plant natural growth by supplying a range of..


Cyco Hydro Clay

Cyco Hydro ClayCyco Hydro Clay is certified as a growing media through the RAL “Quality Assurance As..


Cyco Kleanse

Cyco KleanseCyco Platinum Series Kleanse is a salt clearing agent that is formulated to solubilize m..


Cyco Mini Prokit (Bloom)

Cyco Mini Prokit (Bloom)The Cyco Mini Prokit (BLOOM) is the ultimate additive addition to any grower..


Cyco Mini Prokit (Growth)

Cyco Mini Prokit (Growth)The Cyco Mini Prokit (GROWTH) is the ultimate additive addition to any grow..


Cyco Potash Plus

Cyco Potash PlusCyco Potash Plus strengthens plants and aids in water retention which improves yield..


Cyco Prokit

Cyco ProkitThe Cyco Platinum ProKit is the perfect choice for all serious gardeners. This complete p..


Cyco Recovery Kit

Cyco Recovery KitWith 1 Litre each of B1 Boost, Dr. Repair and Zyme, the Cyco Recovery Kit includes ..


Cyco Ryzo Fuel

Cyco Ryzo FuelAustralia's leading brand of root stimulates. Ryzofuel is Australia’s leading brand of..


Cyco Silica

Cyco SilicaCyco Silica benefits include greater tolerance to environmental stresses and improved gro..


Cyco Suga Rush

Cyco Suga RushCYCO SUGA RUSH may enhance flowering when used in hydroponic and soil-free systems suc..


Cyco Supa Stiky

Cyco Supa StikyCyco Platinum Series Supa Stiky will help increase plant resin production and also ai..


Cyco Swell

Cyco SwellThe phosphorus in Cyco Swell plays an essential part in photosynthesis, it assists with pl..