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Gotek pH Test Paper Strips

Gotek pH Test Paper StripspH paper, also known as litmus paper, will help you determine your pH meas..


Grotek Blossom Blaster

Grotek Blossom BlasterBlossom Blaster™ provides available phosphorous to improve root development an..


Grotek Bud Fuel

Grotek Bud FuelBud Fuel™ is a flowering supplement designed to be used with your regular fertilizer ..


Grotek Cal-Max

Grotek Cal-MaxProvides added calcium, magnesium and ironDuring periods of high temperatures and acce..


Grotek Final Flush

Grotek Final Flush™Fertilizer rinse solutionSalinity can become a serious issue for those gardeners ..


Grotek Final Flush Blueberry

Grotek Final Flush™ - BlueberryFertilizer rinse solutionSalinity can become a serious issue for thos..


Grotek Heavy Bud

Grotek Heavy Bud™Increases weight and densityHeavy Bud™ is a complex blend of plant essentials desig..


Grotek Insta-Green

Grotek Insta-Green™Insta-Green™ is designed to help growers when a nitrogen boost is required for th..


Grotek Monster Bloom

Grotek Monster Bloom™A plant fertilizer to help bloomingA classic bloom enhancer, Monster Bloom™ has..


Grotek Pro-Silicate

Grotek Pro-SilicatePotassium is an essential element to forming plant structure. Pro-Silicate™ is a ..


Grotek Solo Tek Bloom

Grotek Solo-Tek BloomSolo-Tek Bloom is a unique one part suspension designed for use during the flor..


Grotek Solo Tek Grow

Grotek Solo-Tek GrowOne-Part Nutrient Solution. Grotek Solo-Tek Grow (6-3-7) supplies essential nutr..


Grotek Vitamax

Grotek VitamaxVitaMax™ is specially formulated to improve plant growth and its nutrients will encour..