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Flairform BudStorm

Flairform BudStormThe All-in-One flowering additiveBudStorm is an All-in-One flowering additive for ..


Flairform CMX

Flairform CMXCalcium, magnesium & iron additiveCMX is a cal-mag additive used for preventing nut..


Flairform GreenDream 1 Starter Kit

Flairform GreenDream 1 Starter KitNutrient system for hydroponics, coco or soil.GreenDream-1 exploit..


Flairform GroStorm

Flairform GroStormThe All-in-One organic additiveGroStorm includes kelp, fulvic and humic acid, plus..


Flairform Silikamajic

Flairform SilikamajicSilica additive for enhancing plant weight & strengthWhy growers like Silik..


Flairform StopBloc

Flairform StopBloc  500mlPrevents pipe blockages in irrigation (fertigation) systemsStopBloc he..


Flairform TopFert

Flairform TopFert 500mlFoliar FertilizerTopFert is a specialized nutrient formulation designed for r..


Flairform TopWet

Flairform TopWet 250mlFoliar Spray Wetting AgentTopWet increases the effectiveness of foliar sprays ..